For The First Time: Utility-Scale Power From Ocean Waves

The Atargis CycWEC Delivers Cost-Effective, Always-On Renewable Electricity

The First Green Base-Load System

Our Fully Submerged Design Extracts Ocean Energy with Hydrofoils

The CycWEC Captures 95% of the Kinetic Energy in Ocean Waves and Directly Converts Wave Power to Shaft Power

Find Out How in the CycWEC Technical Description


Cycloidal Wave Energy Conversion (CycWEC)

The Atargis CycWEC enables electricity production from ocean waves, enabling coastal population centers to be powered with always-on, $0.06 per KwH clean energy. The devices are invisible from the water surface, have excellent storm survivability and noiselessly convert up to 95% of the power in each and every ocean wave into affordable baseload electricity.

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