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Meet Atargis...

Stefan Siegel, Ph.D.,. President and Chief Technology Officer, is the inventor of the cycloidal wave energy converter and co-founder of Atargis Energy. An aerospace engineer with core expertise in fluid dynamics, Dr. Siegel’s basic research at the Air Force Academy in feedback flow control led him to ocean wave energy conversion, an industrial application of feedback flow technology that was developed earlier.

Victor Korea, MBA, has extensive management experience working for Fortune 500 companies and startup enterprises. Mr. Korea is a co-founder and aids in fundraising.

Jürgen Seidel, Ph.D., is an aerospace engineering researcher and an expert in computational fluid dynamics. His expertise lies in computer simulation code development. He is Atargis Energy’s numerical simulations engineer.

Casey Fagley, Ph.D., is an electrical and computer engineer with a strong controls background. His specialization is the design of adaptive, non-linear feedback control systems, and he serves as Atargis Energy's control systems engineer.

Paul Klahn, BSME, is an expert in low-cost composites molding and an experienced entrepreneur. He founded and was president of Nexaer, developing to first flight a novel Light Sport Aircraft.

Jeff Falkenstine is the chief model builder and general go-to guy for making things work. An experienced machinist, Jeff has worked in private industry and government for decades.

We have purposely left the position of CEO vacant and would expect a major investor to lead a team to select a compatible, highly qualified candidate in 2013. The CEO’s key task would be to lead the company through open ocean trials in 2014 to grid-connected MW-scale power production in 2015 and profitability in 2016.